Genie Technologies

An essential component of the redeployment of technology assets is the ability to remarket and resell these assets to third-party buyers and end-users. Genie Technologies has years of experience in the remarketing of legacy or end-of-life IT equipment, so we can guarantee the best return. We utilize thousands of national and international contacts that we have developed over the past 25 years. Genie Technologies has developed a very dynamic website where all equipment will be listed and marketed. We also utilize daily broadcast emails, cold-calling, and B2B sites. If you do not desire to subscribe to our programs, send us your lists. We will make an offer for direct purchase.

Genie Technologies will:

• Will pickup, refurbish, resell or recycle equipment at absolutely no cost to you. You will not incur any cost for any recycling or disposition services offered by us. • Our primary objective is to maximize the return on equipment sales and thus increase your return on end-of-term or legacy IT equipment. While other companies will pick up your equipment and give you pennies per pound, Genie Technologies goes the extra mile to assess the value of a product, refurnish it, sell it, and at the end of every term provide you with a detailed settlement report and share with you the revenues • 24/7 asset tracking capabilities (GENIETRACK). You can track your equipment anytime, anywhere by serial number, asset tag number, pickup date and much more. • DoD data wiping or crushing of hard drives and other data storage devices. • We strictly adhere to a Zero landfill policy. All non-sellable equipment or parts will be disposed of in a environmentally sound manner and compliant with EPA standards.

Genie Technologies

7409 Lockport Place Suite ELortonVA22079
Phone: (571) 426-8238

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